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Business Process Management


Building Capabilities, Revamp Performance & Subverting Rigid Structures

Depart From The Command and Control Structure Into A Process-Driven One

In a volatile business environment, it’s become evident to companies that old practices are not adequate anymore to deliver the contemplated value. The current shifts in the industry, customers’ demands, and technological breakthroughs impose a set of challenges that requires a variant approach. Manging via the hierarchal structure will lead to a stagnant state—inward-looking is prevalent, siloed operations are the key feature, and missing improvement opportunities is the norm.

There comes a contrasting management approach to the scene- process-based management. Managing by processes is not entirely a new instrument. Japan used it before to establish itself as a leading economic power. However, over decades this discipline grew further, was refined, enriched, and improved, and maintained the attention to it in the industry and business communities.

Currently, Business Process Management (BPM) is a fundamental tool that companies use to improve performance; a route towards moving away from the rigid functional structures to more collaborative working styles; and a cornerstone of any digital transformation effort. It’s widely regarded as an enabler to a more resilient, responsive, flexible, and innovative organizational state.

Drawing upon our expertise with several companies in different sectors and of various sizes we noticed that to have an effective BPM solution that gives the intended results, a holistic one with addresses themes needs to be put in action:

  • Strategic alignment
  • The governance and control structures
  • The organizational and cultural facets
  • Business Process Architecture and design
  • Information Technology Factors


We partner with companies to provide them with an eclectic repertoire of services related to Business Process Management:

Organizational Diagnosis

we assess Maturity Levels, analyze the current caveats and strengths, and enact and deploy Excellence and Quality strategies and improvement roadmaps.

Organizational Governance

we set up the relevant Business Units and Operational Structures by defining the various imperatives to activate them.

Operational Excellence

we analyze operational performance, re-engineer the existing and/or design new processes, and introduce improvement and enhancement measures.

End-to-End BPM Solution

we analyze business activities, create process repositories and inventories, document, model, and design the As-Is and To-Be Processes, support the rollout and performance measurement endeavors, advise on technological solutions, and manage the knowledge transfer and deliver training programs.

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